photo tranquillusanimusgifsmaller1.gif

Oh for the sound
Of deafening stillness,
Resounding so
Of peace and calm,
A blissful pleasure
Of echoing silence – – –

(From the poem- The Sound of Silence ~ A Blissful Pleasure ~By: Jean-Jacques Fournier)

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17 thoughts on “…Silentium…

  1. This is a strangely relaxing photograph, I think it’s the archway. I love black and white photography, and also the graininess of the texture. Oh, I just noticed the animation!

    1. Relaxing…yes..Keep your eyes on the blinking light. You are about to go to sleep..sleep…sleep… Hahaha! I created that animation to hypnotize my followers. Is it working?! ;) :mrgreen:

    1. Thank you! So glad you like it. :) This was taken in Germany. I don’t remember the name of the park. I am so bad. I will ask Sebastiaan, later. heehee!

      Hugs! Muahs!

  2. Alway a special pleasure to receive positive reactions. Thanks for doing so. In return let me add that I was duly impressed with your photography work and talent. I was particularly taken by your “About” shot that left me with an enjoyable feeling of a then and now sensation. A sort of thoughtful sadness that her beauty was, rather than is, yet hoping that it still is! Thank you for this too.

    Jean-Jacques Fournier

  3. Terrific use of words from my poem “The Sound of Silence” you chose for “Silentium”. I am both flattered and honoured to have been associated with your beautiful creation, and I thank you for the privilege.

    Jean-Jacques Fournier

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